What We Do

Strategic Consulting

Every client has a problem, and every problem has a solution.  Big Dog Strategies provides long-term and short-term strategic consulting to help every client get the solution they need to the problems they face. 

Message Development & Testing

Knowing who you are talking to and what you are communicating to them is the key to winning any communications battle.  Big Dog Strategies has relationships throughout the country with the biggest media and data firms to help you identify your audience, tailor your message, and deliver the big win for every client.

Corporate Affairs

Politics and government are everywhere, and no business is immune from the ever-increasing threat of government encroachment.  Big Dog Strategies has worked at every level of government and can help your firm navigate each layer, protect your business and increase your bottom line.

Crisis Communications

It happens.  Someone - anyone - can find themselves in a media firestorm.  When you do, you need quick, decisive and smart advice to navigate the 24-hour news cycle.  Big Dog Strategies can make sure that you come out a winner.

Direct Constituent Contact

Often times, earned media is not enough.  You need to get your message directly to the constituency and audience you care about.  Whether it's digital advertising, direct mail, video, or television, Big Dog Strategies delivers best-in-class media to move your audience on the issues they care about.